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Bridal bouquets

Bridal bouquet is likely one of the most essential aspects of your big day and it will be the most eye-catching floral arrangements.

Your bouquet should reflect your personality as well as compliment your dress!

Traditional bridal bouquets are made of pink, lavender or white flowers, but modern bouquets are in more diverse colors and flowers. Vibrant sunflowers for a Tuscan wedding, red roses and red hot pepper for Amalfi coast wedding, water lilies for a lake wedding.
When choosing your bouquet donít be afraid to stray away from the norm, color can be good.

Round bouquet:
Simple and elegant, suitable for both formal and informal weddings. The flowers chosen can influence the bouquet's formality: roses for a more formal look and daisies for a more casual look.

it gives the impression of a fresh picked bouquet of flowers tied gently with delicate ribbon. Young and casual look.

the most formal style of the bridal bouquet. It resembles a cascade or waterfall with the flowers flowing downward.

Arm bouquet:
arm bouquets feature a gathering of long-stemmed flowers that rest naturally across the inner bend of the elbow. A ribbon or bow is generally used to keep the bouquet together.

More shapes are available. Ask more details to your wedding planner.

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