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Italian Riviera wedding

Italian Riviera weddings! A wonderful region that borders on Cote D'Azur on West and Tuscany on East; it stretches out for about 150 miles and they are miles to be experienced with your breath held due the continuos surprises waiting for you behind every bend. Suspended between the azure of the sea and the blue of the sky, the coastline is an extraordinary succession of cliffs, coves and inlets, outlined by the little dry-stone walls of the vine terraces and olive groves, enriched by prestigiouss location such as Portofino and the magical villages of the Cinque Terre National Park set in water and rocks; unforgettable scenes for really memorable Weddings in Italian Riviera.

Starting from the Gulf of Poets with Lerici and its 14th Century castle where fairy-tale weddings can be celebrated, to the ancient and enchanting fishing village of Portovenere, famous for the narrow lane, the bright colors of its houses, towers and carrugi. And then after the spectacular Cinque Terre, Sestri Levante with its charming peninsula and the romantic Bay of Silence. And then Zoagli and Rapallo with their unique mild climate, perfect hospitality, well-tendered beaches and memorable glimpses; here the protagonists are again the blue sea, the green olive and the pine trees.
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Italian Riviera weddings locations

Gulf of Poets - Portovenere and Lerici

Civil ceremony - Portovenere wedding in the outdoor terrace of the Medieval fortress overlooking the sea.

Civil, Symbolic ceremony and wedding reception - Lerici wedding in the terrace of the fortress rising sheer from the sea.

Catholic ceremony - Catholic weddings in Portovenere in a fairy Gothic Church at the end of Portovenere peninsula.

Wedding reception - Portovenere wedding planner in an elegant hotel with outdoor terrace for delicious wedding dinners.

Wedding reception - Lerici weddings in a terrace restaurant for informal and relaxed wedding dinner.

Italian Riviera from Sestri to Rapallo

Civil ceremony - in Sestri Levante an Italian Riviera wedding in an elegant hall a few steps from the delightful Bay of Silence.

Civil ceremony - in Zoagli wedding in Italian Riviera in the outdoor Saracen tower with a view over the Portofino Bay.

Catholic ceremony - Near Zoagli Catholic weddings in Italian Riviera in a Neoclassical Church with a wonderful view over the Ligurian sea.

Wedding reception - Near Zoagli Restaurant with a view a few steps from the Neoclassical Church near Zoagli.

Italian riviera weddings

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