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The true magic of a romantic wedding in Siena! Even before entering the ancient town, it is easy to feel the particular atmosphere that reveals the encounter with a fairy and extraordinary place. A feeling that is immediately and joyfully confirmed when you cross the majestic city walls: here art is everywhere, in the streets, in the alleys, on the stairs, in the houses, buildings, shops. It is above all in Piazza del Campo with Fonte Gaia, Palazzo Pubblico where civil Siena wedding are held and the tall Tower of Mangia. Cheap and Chic, leading Siena wedding planner agency, will accompany you to discover the many beauties and options for your fantastic wedding in Siena and in the wonderful and unspoiled countryside surroundings, like a daydream from Crete Senesi to Val d'Orcia, from the ancestral fascination of sinuous and oneiric landscapes richly colored that in the past centuries inspired painters, poets, writers, up to the concrete beauty of a rural world in which nature and man have always acted in unison to find perfect harmony. A Siena wedding will be a unique experience, that unfolds among towers, Medieval castles, parish churches and masterpiece of art, emotions to live with body and spirit while travelling the wonderful and peaceful roads of Val 'Orcia looking for your ideal wedding venue from Montalcino to San Quirico, Asciano, Pienza and Montepulciano and proceeding North to explore the beauty of Lake Trasimeno enjoying the many possibility of a Cortona wedding, a perfectly maintained little Medieval town on top of a charming hill or reviving the Medieval age of a Poppi castle wedding, for a memorable castle wedding in Tuscany.

Siena wedding

Civil ceremony - Siena wedding in an historical hall adorned with large frescoes by Renaissance Siena artists.

Wedding reception - A picturesque and suggestive Siena restaurant wedding a few steps from the wedding hall.

Cortona wedding planner

Civil ceremony - the precious Council Hall in the main square of the old town. Cheap and Chic's Cortona wedding planner organize civil services also in the others Cortona wedding halls now available.

Wedding reception - Enjoy the view and the delicious dishes of this Cortona wedding restaurant, with a terrace overlooking the valley.

Poppi castle wedding

Civil ceremony - A Poppi castle wedding to revive the legends and the fairy-tales out of Tuscany Medieval history.

Wedding reception - Weddings in Poppi in this ancient wine cellar renovated in a fabulous restaurant focused on Tuscan local dishes and freshest seasonal products.

siena wedding planner

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