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Cinque Terre weddings! Enjoy one of the most unspoiled Natural Parks in Italy. A rugged stretch of land overlooking the blue sea of Italian Riviera. With its wonderful nature trails that connect the five picturesque fishermen village weddings in Cinque Terre are ideal for nature lovers and romantic couples willing to experience the amazing aromas, the delicious dishes and the stunning scenarios that this corner of Italian Riviera evokes. Cinque Terre offers many wonders for a memorable Big Day: the beauty of its coast with small hidden coves and long cliffs; the beauty of its nature with the fragrance of flowers, Mediterranean plants, spices like its renowned basil and vineyards hidden by olive groves; the beauty of its five enchanting and suggestive villages, famous for the colorful houses, the Medieval towers and the quaint alleyways. A Riomaggiore wedding with the hilltop Genovese castle; A Monterosso al Mare wedding, a tiny village built on crystalline waters between vineyards and stairways, an enchanted world where Nobel prize for literature Eugenio Montale found his inspiration; A Vernazza wedding with the dramatic ancient tower overlooking the sea and the spectacular Romanesque church that is reflected in the sea water; And last but not least the small picturesque villages of Manarola and Corniglia.

Cinque Terre weddings locations


Catholic ceremony - Vernazza wedding in an historical Gothic Church on the beach.

Wedding reception - Cinque Terre wedding reception in a dramatic Medieval tower overlooking the ocean.

Riomaggiore wedding

Civil ceremony - Riomaggiore wedding in an outdoor terrace with sea view.

Wedding reception - Cinque Terre weddings reception in a restaurant terrace overlooking the ocean.

Monterosso wedding


weddings cinque terre

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